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Time CalendarMonday, February 19,2018


Turmeric is a perennial, herbaceous plant that attains a growth rate of 60-90 cm in height. It has a short stem and tufted leaves and is a native of the Indian and Chinese tropical lands. With time, turmeric has become a popular crop across all the tropical nations.

Today, it is cultivated extensively in India, Sri Lanka, parts of China, Pakistan, Halti, Jamaica, Peru, Bangladesh, El Salvador, Thailand, Taiwan and Indo-China.

Turmeric crops occupy about 6% of the total area under spices and condiments grown in India. The crop is grown in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.

India currently meets an annual production demand of about 8 lakh MT of cured turmeric. It is the largest producer of turmeric in the world and contributes to almost 80% of the total production. About 92% of the produce is consumed domestically and the remaining 8% is exported.