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Aaditya Advantage

More than 4 decades of experience and expertise have inspired into the making of Aaditya Turmeric World. Since our inception, we have been devoted to the cause of delivering the best of traditional Indian spices to our customers. The reasons for the trust are:


We are located at Erode in South India, the heart of Indias turmeric crop plantation area and one of the major turmeric markets in the world. It accounts for 90% of Indias finest turmeric, hence making it possible for us to procure the best of raw material. The strategic location facilitates easy access to all the major agro-food cultivating areas, besides turmeric namely black pepper, cardamom, coffee, tea, ginger etc. We also have an excellent backward integration. The long-standing relationship we share with our reliable vendors is instrumental in sourcing the finest and thereby sustaining the world-class quality of our products.


Contemporary machinery with high throughput and bandwidth enable streamlined production processes. From rigorous cleaning to grading and processing, every phase is taken care of by the best machinery. Pollution-free and conforming to global safety & hygiene norms, the machines are programmed by logic controls that ensure precise process control. Processing precision with cutting-edge technology is what gives us the competitive edge

Product range:

We offer a wide range of products: pure spices, blended spices and ready mixes for the discerning customer. Our focus remains on enhancing the flavours and ensuring that our customers get the best of quality.

The cost benefit advantage

At Aaditya, we adopt a cost effective approach to production and consciously work to minimise overheads. The results are translated to significant savings for customers due to economies of scale. Helping us achieve our goal of better production processes are the stringent standards we have built into place.


A One Star Export House certified by the Government of India, we are a company that gives the highest priority to quality control initiatives. We have a Sensory Evaluation Division and a trained panel in our QC and QA Lab for consumer acceptance of products. Our in-house R&D Lab works in line with a standard set of research methodologies laid down by renowned research institutes both in India and abroad. In touch with safety, yet untouched by human hands that is what makes our products a class apart

Superior packaging

We have our very own state-of-the-art unit that complies with international standards of packaging. Set in a pollution-free environment, it maintains the highest levels of hygiene. We have facilities for Retail Packaging like Pouches & Bottles, Bulk Packaging like Cloth Bags, HPDE Bags and Paper Bags and a Labelling Section. We also go by the dictum that the content can only be as good as the container. Hence we take great care to ensure that our packaging has the right blend of functionality and visual appeal. It is designed such that the nature and essence of the contents is retained for long durations of time. Each pack has a content index and instruction panel for specific recipe preparation techniques. Having made Vacuum packed shipments a possibility, we will continue to pack precision into all our products

Customer service

At Aaditya, we believe that the vital ingredient to our growth is the rewarding client relations we have built over time. This has helped us strengthen partnerships, broaden horizons and increase our product offerings.