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Time CalendarMonday, February 19,2018

Export from India

In 2006-07, turmeric exports increased from 51,500 tonnes at Rs 164.80 crores as against 46,405 tonnes valued at Rs 152 crores in 2005-06.

Exports to Iran have increased from 1447 tonnes in 2005-06 to 6095 tonnes in 2006-07. India also increased its exports to Egypt from 1065 tonnes to 2057 tonnes in the same period.

The most sought after exports from India are dry turmeric, oleoresin and turmeric powder. In terms of volumes, turmeric oleoresin exports accounts for 200 tonnes per annum. Comparatively, turmeric powder constitutes a very small portion,.

Within the country, Andhra Pradesh leads in the production of turmeric, meeting an average of 55-57% of the total production.

Key export markets include:

  • UAE: 17%
  • USA 10%
  • Bangladesh 9%
  • Sri Lanka 7%
  • Japan 7%
  • Malaysia 6%
  • UK 6%