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Indian varieties

The most popular varieties of turmeric in India are:

It is perhaps one of the very few ingredients that forms a prominent ingredient in almost all lentils, pulses, vegetables and curries of Indian cuisine. It is believed to aid digestion and also works as an effective disease preventing mechanism inside the body.

South Indian varieties


The core of this rhizome variety is pale yellow or white in color. It has a heady fragrance after curing and is often used as a part of beauty treatments


These rhizomes are thick and have many fingers


These have fewer number of fingers with thinner corns.


These rhizomes are characteristically small, but have a large number of fingers;

Maharashtrian varieties

Lokahandi and Rajpuri

Andhra Pradesh varieties

Duggriala, Tekurpeta, Katuri, Pasupa, Amoar, Nizamabad, Chayapasupa

North Eastern Varieties

GL Puram, Dehradun local, Daghi, Lakadong

Note: Lakadong is very famous for its high curcumin content