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Oleoresin is in great demand in the global food and pharmaceutical industries. This semi-viscous liquid contains both volatile aromatic principles and non-volatile acrid fractions.

This ingredient contributes to the aroma of turmeric and is devoid of starchy and fibrous materials.

Oleoresin carries a dark yellow-brown pasty appearance and contains the flavour compounds and colour in the same proportion as present in turmeric.

Turmeric oleoresin can be obtained by a process of solvent extraction of ground turmeric. In India, the extraction process has been standardised by CFTRI, Mysore and follows a two-step process of solvent extraction, followed by vacuum concentration.

Optimum yields of oleoresin are achieved when the rhizomes are harvested at 29 week maturity. For best yields, the rhizomes must be harvested at 37 weeks.